Saturday 8th October 2011 - Married for 2569 days

About Us


EVELYNHave you ever dreamed of a young lady who is an epitome of African beauty, elegant, sociable, but respectful and resourceful, then Evelyn is a fulfillment of that dream.
I love life as everyday is a new experience! I love to help others and enjoy laughing and watching others have a good time! I am very into nature and will pull over on the side of the road to move a turtle so it doesn't get run over. Born and raised in an atmosphere of love, I have grown up to understand that love keeps the world going.


ISAACIsaac comes across as an easy going, humble, down-to-earth and honest person. But, the truth is that from afar; you can assume a lot of things about me especially because of my simple disposition. The fifth born in a family of six (4 boys and two girls) growing up was so much fun especially between two beautiful sisters.
Socially, I am a great blend of traditional and modern values. I like dancing, swimming, reading and travelling. I believe in the concepts of affection and marriage and expect you to imbibe this belief. For a handsome, ambitious and courageous young man with a firm spirit you can count on me.

How we met...Our Love Story

It was in the university after rising from an examination hall, she called me from behind and when I turned she said; Its such a hot day today and I wish I could have some ice-cream as she looked very tired. I turned around and got the ice-cream for her. We exchanged contacts afterwards as I saw her as my course mate's sister. We ran into each other on another occasion as we had to board the same bike. I couldn't help but to express We became friends thereafter and in the course of time we discovered that we were the perfect match for each other. Against all odds destiny has kept us together.

The proposal...

It was a few years after we met. I set up a date for a romantic evening, just the two of us, to wine and dine. I looked straight into her eyes, held her hands softly and be continued at the wedding venue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!